How injuries to Giants’ leadership corps helped sink season



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The explanation was enough to make you chuckle for a moment, and as the Giants near the end of another seriously bad season, any moment that offers a reason to smile is a worthwhile distraction.

Tucked into his long and winding postgame address last Sunday in Chicago, Joe Judge spoke about the team culture he says he inherited when he took over in 2020. He said he spoke with players from the 2019 squad, coached by Pat Shurmur, and heard tales that indicated those Giants had given up down the stretch. Among the revelations: “They stopped coming to captains meetings, all that stuff,” Judge said.

He followed with several examples illustrating why his team had not quit. For the sake of accuracy, he did mention this: “We don’t have captains meetings anymore because a majority of our captains are no longer playing for the remainder of the season, so we do a leadership meeting now.”


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