How Can Cisco 300-435 ENAUTO Certification Exam Make Your CV More Visible To Employers


Are you interested in getting a job in an international corporation, but you are afraid of being rejected? The competition for well-paid positions is very intense nowadays. On top of that, recruiters are looking to work only with the smartest and top skilled professionals. So, if you want to stand out of the crowd you need to verify your knowledge by getting certified. The Cisco 300-435 ENAUTO exam can become your “secret weapon” against competition as it helps you obtain three distinct certifications. Therefore, once you get the required passing score in this exam as well as the 350-401, you will get the CCNP Enterprise. Also, such an evaluation alone will get you the Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist – Enterprise Automation and Programmability, and if you manage to combine it with the 350-901, you’ll receive the Cisco Certified DevNet Professional designation. Apart from benefiting from the international reputation of Cisco, passing the 300-435 exam can make your resume shine for many other reasons. Let’s find more on this topic together!

Ways Cisco 300-435 Exam Helps Your CV Stand out

The Cisco 300-435 ENAUTO certification exam contributes to improving your productivity level. For example, when you attend the official instructor-led training class for this test, you will experience different hands-on practice sessions as well. Therefore, you will learn how to use Cisco automated solutions for enterprises in a business scenario. What is more, the training class will help you develop your analytical thinking and discover ways to be more productive when working with Cisco products and services. Besides, when you are familiar with the situations that might appear in real business and know what to do in each case, you become more flexible and open to get involved in complex problems and bring your contribution. As this exam is associated with three popular certifications, there’s no doubt that you will gain a competitive advantage over other candidates. In comparison to a non-certified employee, your skills have been rigorously tested by an international certification company. Thus, from a recruiter’s perspective, you are a valuable candidate who deserves to be compensated for his/her efforts. So, you are more likely to receive generous salary offers that are usually above the market’s average. In addition, you will also qualify for performance bonuses and other perks especially created for best-in-class employees.

Consolidate Your Knowledge of Enterprise Automation & Programmability Topics

No recruiter or hiring manager can ignore your consolidated skills in implementing enterprise automated solutions. The Cisco 300-435 evaluation verifies your competence in the following topics:

  • Developing a good understanding of the network programmability foundation concepts and implementing Python benefits in a virtual environment;

  • Identifying the instances for XML in addition to JSON and learning how to automate the protocols as well as APIs;

  • Using telemetry features to establish network device programmability analysis and configuring devices;

  • Learning how to manage and implement Cisco Meraki, SD-WAN, and DNA Center features alongside solutions.

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The Cisco 300-435 ENAUTO certification exam can seriously benefit your resume. It’s almost impossible that your CV will get unnoticed by international companies if you clear an evaluation like this. Beginning from the fact that you have the opportunity to consolidate your skills in implementing enterprise automated solutions and continuing with the idea that your chances to receive an attractive salary are higher, you have a lot of reasons to choose this test. As long as you remember these benefits during your certification process, passing the exam from the first try will be a piece of cake!