Homeless man shuts down anti-vax protesters in viral video



She didn’t get the vaccine — but she was still shot down.

A homeless man is being lauded online after he was filmed eviscerating a COVID anti-vaxxer during an anti-vaccine protest in Los Angeles. A video of the “sick burn” has amassed 4.2 million views on Twitter as of Friday morning.

The now-viral video, posted Tuesday by a Twitter user going by the handle @FilmThePoliceLA, begins with a group of protesters marching down Hollywood Boulevard toting picket signs and American flags.

“Do you see all of these homeless people around?” a female protester bellows through a megaphone. “Are they dead in the streets with Covid? Hell no! Why?”

All of a sudden, a passerby pushing a shopping cart delivers the epic retort: “Because I’m vaccinated, you dumb f—!”

Suffice to say, the man’s succinct pro-vax argument won him oodles of fans on Twitter.

“Best Line EVER!!!” gushed one admirer of the impromptu vaccine ad. “God, I’m still laughing so hard I’m crying. I’m getting a hoodie with that line.”

“May make this my ringtone. It’s perfect. And hilarious,” said another of the smoldering jab.

One supporter suggested that the homeless man be given the COVIDIOTIC protester’s house as payment for his own version of public health activism.

“Really helps that the vaccine is the first free piece of healthcare we’ve gotten in decades,” mused one commenter, alluding to the fact that the COVID jab is available free of charge to all Americans, including the homeless.

However, the original Twitter poster wanted to do more than simply uploading a smoldering soundbite. They and other Samaritans have since identified the immunization advocate as a man named Ray, and created a GoFundMe to help “set him up with a bank account,” per the fundraiser’s page.

The organizers wrote, “Ray is the man who owned the anti-vaxers on Hollywood blvd with one comment and in result brought so many smiles and laughs to all of us and now we hope we can bring a smile and some happiness to him.”

As of Friday morning, the crowdfunding campaign has garnered over $15,000.


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