“His Family Has to Keep Watching That” – Daniel Ricciardo ‘Disgusted and Disappointed’ with F1


Bahrain Grand Prix witnessed one of the most horrifying accidents of this century. Romain Grosjean’s car turned into a fireball as he lost control and darted straight into the barriers. The car broke into two halves, but Grosjean miraculously leapt out of the fire with minor burns on his hands and ankle.

This incident happened at turn 3 of the first lap, and the session was immediately red-flagged. The barriers had to be rebuilt as the fire from the crash had melted them down.  As the drivers were back at the pit stop, Formula 1 continuously replayed the crash on every screen.

The marshals running for Romain Grosjean's rescue
Formula One F1 – Bahrain Grand Prix – Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir, Bahrain – November 29, 2020 Flames seen from the crash scene after Haas’ Romain Grosjean crashed out at the start of the race Pool via REUTERS/Kamran Jebreili

Daniel Ricciardo in an interview expressed that he’s glad Romain Grosjean is okay. However, he was very unhappy at Formula 1’s coverage of the incident.

He criticized, “I’m disgusted and disappointed with Formula 1 for showing or choosing the way to show it as they did, and broadcast replays after replays after replays of the fire, and his car split in half. And then, like that’s not enough, they go to his onboard.”

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Daniel Ricciardo answering questions before the Turkish Grand Prix
Formula One F1 – Turkish Grand Prix – Istanbul Park, Istanbul, Turkey – November 12, 2020 Renault’s Daniel Ricciardo during a press conference ahead of the Turkish Grand Prix FIA/Handout via REUTERS

The coverage enraged Daniel Ricciardo

According to Ricciardo, the coverage was handled very poorly. He felt like the incident was being treated like a game when it was so far away from it. Formula 1 drivers risk their lives every time they get into their cars, and to see an unfortunate incident so widely covered did not sit well with Ricciardo.

He said, “Why do we need to see this? We’re competing again in an hour. His family has to keep watching that. All our families have to keep watching that. And you’re f*****g with everyone’s emotions. It’s really unfair. It’s not entertainment.”

“We’re lucky he’s here but it could have been a different story and to show it like it’s something from Hollywood, it’s not cool. Choose to do that tomorrow, but not today,” Ricciardo further added.

Meanwhile, Sebastian Vettel admitted that the coverage is a part of the show. However, he clarified that he tried not to look at the replay.

Daniel Ricciardo finished the race at P7 with six points; Sergio Perez’s retirement towards the end was a huge blessing for the Australian. He is currently at P4 on the drivers’ standing with Perez tapping on his shoulders, just two points behind him.

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