Hidden iPhone ‘messaging app’ lets you read texts as they’re typed



A Tiktok star has highlighted a way to watch your mates message you in real-time.

In a recent clip posted on the Chinese video-sharing app, user @ambre_skye showed how to pull off the trick using the iPhone’s Notes app.

Notes is a simple app that comes loaded onto all iOS devices and lets you make lists, jot down ideas, and record anything you’d scribble onto a scrap of paper.

However, as @ambre_skye told her 770,000 TikTok followers in August, it can also be used as a messaging app.

To text using the software tool, open the Notes app and tap the square icon in the bottom right of your display to start a new note.

Hit the three dots in the top right of your display to open your note settings, then tap “share note”.

Send a link to join the document to your mates over your preferred messaging service.

You can share a note with multiple friends, allowing them to add and edit text from their own iPhones.

Next, go back into your note settings and tap “manage shared note”. Turn on “highlight changes” and “hide alerts”.

This will ensure that any text added by each participant is highlighted in a different color so you can tell who’s typing what.

When you plug a message into the note, your typing is now shown to participants in real-time.

You can also see what your mates are writing as they tap away at their screen.

It’s hardly revolutionary, but the “hack” provides a fun way to share stuff with your mates outside of your favorite messaging apps.

It’s not the only handy thing you can use the Notes app for.

The software has a built-in tool that lets you scan any paper document in seconds.

Start a new note, and then tap the camera icon at the bottom. Choose the Scan Document option, which will launch a camera viewfinder.

Now, simply position the document directly in front of the camera, and it should automatically start scanning.

It’s instantaneous, and will automatically crop, rotate and optimize the image for you.

This story originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced here with permission.


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