Here are Leslie Jones’ hilarious reactions to ‘Justice League’



Tell us what you really think, Leslie.

On Sunday, comedian Leslie Jones treated herself and fans to an 87-tweet screed of live commentary over the recently debuted extended cut of 2017’s “Justice League.”

The hilarious play-by-play is one of Jones’ signature bits. In the past, she’s let it rip on everything from the Olympics to “Game of Thrones.”

This time, she gave the Jones treatment to Zack Snyder’s exceptionally long version of the maligned superhero movie. The filmmaker was originally forced to take leave from set over a personal matter, and passed the torch to Joss Whedon to complete the movie’s theatrical release.

All four hours of the feature were made available last week on HBO Max — which Jones took as an opportunity to share her take on the film.

“Should I watch this tomorrow, you guys, and live-tweet? Hmm,” asked the 53-year-old former “SNL” actor on Saturday.

Thus, over the course of 240 minutes on Sunday evening, Jones shared a play-by-play of the superhero thriller in all its protracted glory, starring a bevy of bold names such as — deep breath — Gal Godot (Wonder Woman), Ben Affleck (Batman), Amy Adams (Lois Lane), Henry Cavill (Superman), Jason Momoa (Aquaman), Ezra Miller (The Flash), Amber Heard (Mera), Jeremy Irons (Alfred), Ray Fisher (Cyborg), Diane Lane (Martha Kent) and JK Simmons (Commissioner Gordon).

She also coined the hashtag “#longassmovie” to help fans track the live watch party.

Throughout the film, Jones adamantly cheered on the League’s superwomen, especially Diana Prince. “F - - kin’ love Wonder Woman,” Jones proclaimed as the “Amazing Amazon” slayed a room full of baddies. “I always wanted to throw a man against the wall like that. That’s so dope.”

“You look at the swing on these chicks. That’s gangster!” Jones later said of the formidable women of Themyscira, where Wonder Woman was born and trained as a feminist warrior. “That’s right, we fighting till we fight,” Jones said as she cheered the women. “Let’s go! You is warriors!”

By 12:30 a.m. Monday morning, Jones had finally gotten to the heart of the superhero series, the psychological motivation for all the mayhem: daddy issues.

“Who is ‘he’? See, it always comes down to somebody trying to make their daddy happy,” said Jones as villain Steppenwolf explained his reason for global destruction: to please his master, Darkseid.

“Go. To. Therapy. Just go to therapy! Don’t come down here and destroy the Earth.”

“Shish kabob, shish kabob!” she says of the Steppenwolf’s ultimate demise, involving (spoiler alert!) a trident through the abdomen by Aquaman, followed by a sucker punch from Superman and, finally, a beheading by Wonder Woman. “We just gonna send that over there super cut for you. That’s your boy,” she said of a disassembled Steppenwolf.

“Why don’t you come through though? C’mon Thanos cousin, we waiting for you motherf - - ker. ” Jones taunted at Darkseid on-screen. “But you ain’t though. Man, you can’t do s - - t.”


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