Heidi Klum one-ups herself this Halloween as a bloodthirsty zombie in new video



Heidi Klum is the queen of Halloween, and this year the model and television host outdid herself by paying tribute to some of her favorite horror movies in a spooky new short film.

Klum had to cancel her annual Halloween party last year due to the pandemic and instead opted to release a short film from home featuring her four demon children who end up killing Klum and her husband, Tom Kaulitz.

Klum’s new film, “Heidi Does Halloween 2: Klum’s Day,” picks up in the graveyard, where there are tombstones for her and Kaulitz. Of course, nothing will stop Klum from celebrating Halloween. (Warning! Some nudity in the video below.)

In an homage to “Kill Bill,” Klum flicks open a lighter, looks around and realizes she is buried alive. Meanwhile, Klum’s four children are at home eating popcorn, watching a movie and talking about how much they miss having their mom around on her favorite holiday.

Then there’s a knock at the door. Zombie Heidi slightly opens the door, peeks her head inside and says, “Here’s Mommy!” in a nod to “The Shining.”

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While the kids are initially happy to see their mom, they soon realize she’s not looking or acting like herself.

We won’t give away the rest of the plot, but expect more horror references, including the infamous “Psycho” shower scene and the head spin from “The Exorcist.” The full video can be viewed on Klum’s Instagram page.

Klum continues to one-up herself year after year. At her 20th annual Halloween bash in 2019, Klum was unrecognizable as a gory cyborg. In previous years, she has kept everyone guessing with her elaborate getups, which have ranged from a glamorous Betty Boop to a human cadaver.



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