“He Smells Really Really Bad”- Daniel Cormier Humiliates Jon Jones


The rivalry between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier is perhaps one of the longest-running rivalries in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Despite Daniel being retired, the feud between the fighters on social media endures.

Last week ‘DC’ and ‘Bones’ traded insults on Twitter over issues that they have been fighting over ever since the start of their rivalry. 

‘Bones‘ and ‘DC’  are two of the most decorated fighters to have ever stepped into the octagon, and certainly future Hall of Famers.  Jon Jones is the only person apart from Miocic to have secured over one win over the former champion. 

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Daniel Cormier says he had a bath 4 times after his war of words on Twitter with Jon Jones

On the recent episode of ‘DC’ and Helwani, Ariel asked Daniel about his war of words on Twitter with his ‘Old friend’ Jon Jones. ‘DC’ replied, “You know what I don’t get about this guy? I don’t understand how he goes they proved me innocent.

“They never proved him innocent. They never once said he was innocent. I don’t get how he can say it publicly and how people can repeat it publicly….. Still can’t stand the guy. Retired, not retired, see him publicly still probably get into it.”

Cormier went on to reveal, “He just sucks, He brings down your energy. And you know I took four showers in the bath, I felt so dirty and grimy.

“I’m like uh once again his stench is on me. You know he also smells too, In the cage he smells really really bad. His breath is bad and his armpits stink. He smells.”

Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones’ rivalry is reminiscent of Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali. Normally when two rivals face each other in the octagon, the battle brings out some mutual respect between the two.


 However, there are some instances when the hatred and disdain between the two men is at such a deep-rooted level that it stays on after the fights as well. The MMA community will not be shocked if this rivalry extends even after both men have retired.

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