Growth Spurt? Bronny Looks NBA Ready as He Trains with LeBron James

Growth Spurt? Bronny Looks NBA Ready as He Trains with LeBron James

Nepotism has no place in the world of professional sports, especially when it comes to becoming a world-class pro athlete. One has to prove his/her worth, beat the competition, and only then secure a place. Hard work is the only key, and it’s obvious now that LeBron James’ son Bronny totally gets this.

247Sports lists Bronny as a 6’2” 165 lbs who plays at the forward position for the Sierra Canyon high school team. The Cleveland born kid is increasingly getting popular on social media for various reasons. However, the most recent news has him gaining traction alongside champion father LeBron James.

When young Bronny surprised everyone with his transformed self

Recently, LeBron James sported a Barack Obama T-shirt and posted pictures of his hoops practice with his eldest son. The proud father wrote, “Barely flex, but don’t play with us, PERIOD!!” This warning seemed much more like a threat to future basketball players because Bronny looked all grown-up and huge. 

In one of the pictures, Bronny looked strikingly similar to his legendary dad. His physique spoke for itself as he somehow appeared bigger than his height of 6’2”. The youngster is so popular on Instagram that he has close to six million followers with just nine posts till the time of writing this article. 

Can LeBron James and his son play together in the NBA?

Well, the calculations throw a positive light on this supremely optimistic thought. Bronny just celebrated his 16th birthday on October 6, 2020. He will be eligible for an NBA Draft in 2023. The Cavs picked King James #1 in NBA Drafts 2003, when LBJ was just 18 years and 177 days old. 

If Bronny gets picked in the Drafts 2023, he will be older than his father was when he got drafted. Also, in 2003, LeBron will be in the 40th year of his life. Bron playing at 40 is not impossible because Michael Jordan played until he was 40 and Vince Carter retired at the age of 43. Bronny already has impressive long-range shooting skills with a good passing game, thanks to his vision. Also, safely considering that LeBron is keeping a close eye on the training of his son, it is only obvious that sheer dedication will make Bronny a player in demand. 

It would be a great way to continue his legacy if Bron could lock horns with his own son in an NBA game!

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