Great Blue Heron swallows giant catfish whole in Central Park



It’s almost too much to swallow!

A great blue heron soared into the spotlight in Central Park this week  — thrilling eagle-eyed bird watchers by devouring an entire fish in one gulp.

Wild footage shows the feathered phenom spearing a large catfish with its beak before snapping it up and gulping it down whole in a marshy section of the park.

“Observers all very impressed :)”  the video taker, @natureofalex, posted Thursday along with the footage.

One of the leggy critters has been spotted at the park’s pond near 60th Street for months,  said David Barrett, a birdwatcher who runs the Twitter page Manhattan Bird Alert.

The herons —  which can grow up to 4.5 feet tall with a wingspan of 6.6 feet —  visit Central Park year round in small numbers and never chew their catches.

“All heron species eat fish this way. They might initially spear the fish with their bill. Then they shake it to break or relax the spiny parts so it goes down more easily,” Barrett said.

Bird bufs cheered for the bird on Twitter as it slurped down its snack.

“I kinda like the moment where it’s like, ‘am I doing this? Yes, I am.’ Gulp,” one fan cooed.

It wasn’t immediately clear where the heron was filmed but possibilities include the park’s Loch and Pool.


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