Gov. Cuomo shows off festive turkey mask for Thanksgiving

Gov. Cuomo shows off festive turkey mask for Thanksgiving

Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday unveiled his new Thanksgiving attire — a turkey face mask that, the governor quipped, actually made him look better.

Cuomo donned the brown face covering, complete with turkey eyes and a beak, along with the state Department of Health logo on it, during a press conference in Wyandanch, Long Island.

The mask reads “Don’t be a turkey” and “Wear a mask.”

“We have a special mask for Thanksgiving because, you know, we’re all so creative in New York and we do things a little different,” the governor said as he held up the mask. “Don’t be a turkey this Thanksgiving, wear a mask!”

“How good-looking is this mask? You ready?” Cuomo said before putting the mask over his face. “Look at that, how beautiful is that? Tell the truth. Especially good on me — covers my nose and everything.”

The governor then declared, “I’m better-looking with a mask!”

Cuomo has been urging New Yorkers to not travel and to use caution over Thanksgiving as coronavirus cases continue to tick up across the Empire State.

“We have to be on high alert. We have to be on high caution about the COVID increase,” Cuomo said, as he warned, “By the current rate of increase in COVID, we’re going to see a major spike.”



Andrew Cuomo unveiling the Thanksgiving Day turkey mask.

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Over the last three weeks, COVID-19-related hospitalizations across New York rose by 128 percent, from 1,253 patients earlier this month to 2,856 patients on Monday, state data shows.

“This holiday season, we have to be smarter and different than how we’ve handled past holiday seasons,” said Cuomo, explaining that “this is not a political situation.”

He noted that both the Trump administration’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the advisers of President-elect Joe Biden say that celebrating the holidays with members of the same household poses the lowest risk for coronavirus spread.

“When is the last time you heard Donald Trump’s advisers and Joe Biden’s advisers say the same thing?” said Cuomo. “This is not about politics. This is about just health experts looking at the facts.”

Meanwhile, the daily statewide coronavirus positivity rate was slightly down at 2.96 percent, according to the latest state data.

ICU admissions have risen over the last 24 hours by 14, bringing the new total to 559, the data shows.

A total of 47 New Yorkers died as a result of the virus on Monday, according to the stats.

The latest New York City data shows that the Big Apple has a 3.17 percent coronavirus infection rate on a seven-day rolling average, and a seven-day rolling average of new virus cases at 1,476.

Additional reporting by Nolan Hicks


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