Google pushing critical race theory in staff training: report


Google is reportedly pushing critical race theory on its employees with antiracism trainings that tell staff Americans as young as three months old are raised to be racist in a “system of white supremacy.”

One of the videos in the initiative also features Kamau Bobb, a former diversity chief who was reassigned earlier this year after antisemitic comments he made resurfaced, according to Christopher Rufo, a senior fellow at the conservative Manhattan Institute.

In the video, Bobb — who wrote in a 2007 blog post that Jews have “an insatiable appetite for war and killing” — hosts a discussion with guest lecturer Nikole Hannah-Jones, the editor of The New York Times’ 1619 Project, Rufo reported in City Journal.

“If you’re white in this country, then you have to understand that whether you personally are racist or not, whether you personally engage in racist behavior or not, you are the beneficiary of a 350-year system of white supremacy and racial hierarchy,” Hannah-Jones reportedly says in the video.

In another guest lecturer video, Ibram X. Kendi, the author of bestseller “How To Be An Antiracist,” reportedly tells Google staffers that Americans are “raised to be racist, and to be raised to be racist is to be raised to almost be addicted to racist ideas.”

Guest lecturer Ibram Kendi.One training clip features Ibram X. Kendi, who reportedly tells Google staffers that Americans are “raised to be racist.”Twitter

Guest lecturer Nikole Hannah-Jones.A training clip with a lecture from Nikole Hannah-Jones.Twitter

“The youngest of people are not colorblind — between three and six months — our toddlers are beginning to understand race and see race,” Kendi reportedly tells Google staff, adding that people ought to “respond in the same way that they respond when they are diagnosed with a serious illness.”

“For me, the heartbeat of racism is denial and the sound of that denial is ‘I’m not racist,’” Kendi says in the video, according to Rufo. “It’s a critically important step for Americans to no longer be in denial about their own racism.”

Another video that’s part of the antiracism initiative reportedly instructs Google staff to rank themselves on a hierarchy of “power [and] privilege.”

In that segment, the instructors reportedly tell employees to “manage [their] reactions to privilege” — which are likely to include feelings of “embarrassment, shame, fear, [and] anger” — through “body movement,” “deep breathing,” “accessing [their] ‘happy place,’” and “cry[ing].”

Google staff have also reportedly circulated unofficial documents that contain disclaimers that say they should not be considered official company policy.

One such document that Rufo said was created by Google diversity, equity, and inclusion lead Beth Foster includes a graphic that says “colorblindness,” “[American] exceptionalism,” “Columbus Day,” “weaponized whiteness,” and “Make America Great Again” are all expressions of “covert white supremacy.”

Google CEO Sundar Pichai appeared to announce the racial equity trainings last summer in the wake of George Floyd’s murder by police officer Derek Chauvin.

“We’ll be welcoming external experts into Google to share their expertise on racial history and structural inequities, and start conversations on education, allyship, and self-reflection,” he wrote in a June blog post titled “Our commitments to racial equity.”

“And this week we’ve begun piloting a new, multi-series training for Googlers of all levels that explores systemic racism and racial consciousness, to help develop stronger awareness and capacity for creating spaces where everyone feels they belong.

"The White Supremacy Pyramid" graphic.One training slide advances the idea that conservative commentator Ben Shapiro is a foundation of “white supremacy” and that former President Donald Trump is moving society on a path toward “mass murder” and “genocide.”Twitter

Google building.Google reportedly plans to roll out the critical race theory training globally by early next year.Christoph Dernbach/picture alliance via Getty Images

“We plan to roll out this training globally by early next year. We’ll also integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion into our mandatory manager trainings,” he added.

Google did not return The Post’s request for comment and it’s unclear whether employees are required to participate in the video trainings.

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