Google is adding cross-app account security alerts on iOS

Google is adding cross-app account security alerts on iOS

Google has announced some updates associated with security, which includes cross-app security account alert that can help you know when there is a security problem with the Google account you are using.

The idea behind this is that you will receive a notification in case Google detects a potential serious security problem with your Google account regardless of what Google application you are using that time.

Only a limited number of people will be receiving the alerts in the weeks to come. However, the alerts will only be available on iOS initially, said Google to The Verge. The tech giant plans to roll out the feature more widely early 2021, as per its blog post.

Furthermore, the Google Assistant will also be receiving a guest mode that will not be saving any request to the Google account you are using while it is on. After it’s available, you can turn the mode simply by saying ‘Hey Google, turn on Guest mode.’ Nest smart speakers and displays will be receiving the new mode in the weeks to come, said Google.

If you wish to check the security settings of your Google Account, the company says that now you can look for phrases such as ‘Is my Google Account secure?’ and get a summary of your security settings.


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