Goldman Sachs workers raging over COVID vax rules are fuming over CEO’s DJ gig



Over the weekend, Goldman Sachs chief David Solomon Instagrammed on his gig as DJ D-Sol at the BottleRock music festival in Napa Valley.

“We had a blast at @bottlerocknapa!” the 59-year-old Wall Street titan enthused.

The beats-slinging banker thanked folks who showed up to see his set, which took place on a side stage, even as Miley Cyrus was on the main stage, egging on her female fans to take off their tops.

The rub: The gig happened on Sept. 4.

Solomon, who had performed as DJ D-Sol at other events as well, isn’t commenting on why he was posting about his show a month after it happened, But the rave came just days after the banking behemoth announced a major COVID safety clampdown as the Delta variant was raging.

David Solomon in street clothes during a concert performance
‘D-Sol’ competed in a DJ slam at the BottleRock music festival.
[“Getty Images for Safe & Sound”

BottleRock didn’t require vaccines. Instead, partygoers were allowed to show negative COVID test results. Solomon, meanwhile, has forbidden unvaccinated employees from entering Goldman’s offices. Goldman also requires workers and visitors to wear masks and mandates regular testing for anyone entering a Goldman building in the US.

“I guess the pandemic is over according to David Solomon?” one Goldman insider sniffed in response to his latest Instagram.

Instagram post David Solomon posted a month after the concert
Solomon’s Instagram post.

Goldman Sachs declined to comment. A source close to the bank said Solomon had posted an Instagram story about the concert on Sept. 5 that disappeared after 24 hours.

Even as D-Sol’s photo from the event vexed some Goldman employees, it perplexed festival attendees. “Whats the name of the artist just one more time?” one asked in response to a query from The Post. “He played at BottleRock?” another responded.

“No one mentioned him,” Daniel Armbruster, the lead singer for Joywave, told The Post. “I literally had no idea he was playing.”

D-Sol played Saturday night at the so-called “Silent Disco” where two DJ’s are pitted against each other. Concert goers are given two headsets — one for each DJ playing — and they can switch back and forth between the two DJs sets.

Miley Cyrus performs at BottleRock
Miley Cyrus also performed at the raucous event.
Getty Images for MC

Solomon was pitted against DJ Warren G in the so-called “Silent Disco” where concert goers can switch between each using a pair of headsets. As many as 2,000 concert-goers may have attended his set, a spokesperson for BottleRock told The Post.

Armbruster said a crowd of 2,000 is relatively small for Solomon’s event.

“I mean the attendance for me speaking at a Goldman Sachs board meeting would probably be pretty low, too,” he said

In addition to Miley Cyrus, the shindig featured Guns N’ Roses, Foo Fighters, and Megan Thee Stallion. It drew an estimated 40,000 attendees each day, according to a festival spokesperson.

Armbruster added it was odd that one of Wall Street’s biggest names made an appearance — and took a slot away from a performer pursuing a career in music.

“It perfectly embodies everything wrong with our society,” Armbruster said. “But there’s nothing I can do about it so you just laugh and say, ‘Cool man.’”

David Solomon in a shirt, tie and jacket for his CEO jog
Solomon in his regular get-up as Goldman Sachs CEO.
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