‘Garbage officiating’ in Penn State game; and more on Ryan Day’s salary



An official picks up a penalty flag during Ohio State's game against Penn State on Oct. 30.

An official picks up a penalty flag during Ohio State’s game against Penn State on Oct. 30.

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On officiating in the Penn State game

To Brian: I used to get The Dispatch and often marvel at Ray Stein’s complete lack of observations on the buckeye leaves section. I see you now have taken over, and like I used to ask Ray, did you ever play a down of organized football? Two leaves for that garbage of an officiating crew? They deserved negative leaves. Big Ten embarrassment on national TV. That crew was terrible, and always have been. You pointed out the poor calls, missed calls. It was a joke. I ask, what did they do to garner two leaves?

Stefan DeMatteo, Dublin

To Stefan: Yes, they were bad in that game. And two out of five leaves gives them a 40% grade on their final exam. I think that’s pretty bad. It means they got some calls right.

Ryan Day watches his teaAccording to USA Today, Ryan Day's compensation of $6.61 million in 2021 makes him the top-earning coach in the Big Ten.

Ryan Day watches his teaAccording to USA Today, Ryan Day’s compensation of $6.61 million in 2021 makes him the top-earning coach in the Big Ten.

On Ryan Day’s salary

Dear Brian: With so much talk the last few weeks over the salary of Ohio State football coach Ryan Day, I’d like to add some perspective. Coach Day’s salary is paid for solely by the athletic department of Ohio State. The athletic department is completely self supporting and sustaining. It takes no money from the overall university general fund. Considering that it is revenue coming from football as well as the men’s and women’s basketball programs that help pay for the other sports at OSU, this seems a rather modest investment. Ohio State has one of the largest athletic departments in the country. When other schools were cutting sports programs due to COVID, Ohio State did not.

So, if Ohio State is short on regular or liberal professors, it has absolutely nothing to do with Ryan Day’s salary. In closing, considering all the high-rise cranes and construction I see on campus while driving along 315, it appears to me that THE Ohio State University isn’t exactly hurting for money.

Michael A. Thompson, Grove City

To Brian: In regards to Ryan Day’s salary, the problem with higher education right now isn’t a lack of professors, it’s how much it costs. I think professors and the administrators should get paid less ​so tuition could be more affordable. OSU football ​is self-sufficient and funds nearly all the sports in the athletic department and is a recruiting/marketing machine for the university, not just the football team. What do the six-figure administrators and professors contribute in this way? It’s been said before: no one buys a ticket to watch some philosophy professor give a lecture.

In regards to Ryan Day’s play-calling after the Penn State game, I haven’t heard anyone mention the lack of creativity in the red zone. How many times does he have to see a run up the middle wasn’t going to get it done? Apparently about 20 times. Talk about the definition of insanity. Outside of the (C.J.) Stroud’s misfire to (Chris) Olave, the play-calling was terrible. Would an off-tackle play be too crazy? With Henderson’s speed, how about a sweep? Or let’s get super crazy — a play-action roll-out with a run-pass option? No wonder Stroud said they were calling the plays out. It didn’t take a college professor to figure out what they were going to do.

Tony Federer, Powell

To Tony: I see what you did there with the college professor reference in the part about Ryan Day’s play-calling. Excellent creativity.

To Brian: Albeit a headline that gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, in fact, it’s inaccurate. Are you in a verbal relationship with a professor? I had an older brother who was a professor of electrical engineering at Wright State. He enlightened me years ago about the overabundance of liberal professors and their teachings. So I would add to Brian’s commentary by stating that it is overwhelmingly liberal in institutions of “higher education.” … All due respect Mr. White (pun intended).

William White

The OHSAA opened up the football playoffs this year to 16 teams per region.

The OHSAA opened up the football playoffs this year to 16 teams per region.

On high school football playoffs

To Brian: After perusing the high school playoff game scores over the (Oct. 29-30) weekend, it was a waste of time and expense. 34 of the 192 games were within 10 points for a percentage of 18%. Like the letter said last week, the participation medals are silly. The OSHAA needs to revisit this inclusion of 16 per division instead of eight.

Dave Waller, Grove City

To Dave: Unless one of the lower seeds that survived makes a long run, the OHSAA might consider returning to old form. However, don’t overlook the added revenue the organization pulls in with additional filled stadiums.

On Tom Matte

Dear Editor: I was deeply saddened about the passing of Tom Matte, a great teammate and friend. Ahh, the halcyon days of yesteryear. Tom was a great playmaker. He did not need a bell or the crowd yelling to win the game for him. He would much rather win the game on the field, not by our fans preventing the other team from calling its signals. Tom Matte and Woody Hayes wanted to quiet the crowd so, when we won, we won fair and square, not by preventing our opponent from being at its best.

Daniel D. Connor, Columbus

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