Venezuela – April 27, 2017

Venezuela – A wave of protests have been hitting the country of Venezuela for several weeks as opposition leaders are calling for President Nicolas Maduro to step down. An Economic downturn in the country has helped fuel the protests, which reached its most pivotal point last week when millions of protesters took to the streets of Caracas to call for a referendum vote to remove Maduro from power.

The opposition party gained a majority in parliament during the last elections, which were held in 2015. The new elections are currently being delayed and critics say it is due to the fact that the Maduro administration is nervous that they will be voted out of power. Critics also point out that the Maduro government is creating a dictatorship due to the fact that the Venezuelan Supreme Court dissolved the parliament, giving itself all of the country’s legislative powers. Although the decision was reversed, tensions were escalated by the move, and there have been protests throughout the country ever since.