Fox invades USC-Arizona State game



For a few minutes, everyone’s favorite player in Saturday’s game between USC and Arizona State was running on all fours.

During the first quarter, a fox briefly invaded the field of Sun Devil Stadium, briefly interrupting play before running into the stands.

A quick collection of the broadcast’s reactions:

“Slovis, back to pass — we’ve got an animal on the field, by the way, behind the USC offensive line. That pass, as Slovis was hit again, incomplete. I don’t know if that’s cat, or … I think it’s like a fox!”

“That is not a cat, that’s a fox.”

“Oh my gosh, hi fox! He’s going in the stands now! This fox is a wild child.”

The wild child would return to the field soon after, showing off its good side before running through the tunnel out of the stadium.

If this all sounds familiar, it’s because this is our second fox field invasion of the college football season. The Red River Rivalry between Oklahoma and Texas saw a similar cameo. We’re not saying it’s the same fox, but we’re pretty sure you can’t prove it’s not.


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