Former WWE Champion Dave Bautista Takes a Dig at Hall of Famer Donald Trump

Former WWE Champion Dave Bautista Takes a Dig at Hall of Famer Donald Trump

Dave Bautista took a shot at Donald Trump on Twitter by making a claim about him regarding his WrestleMania appearance.

This tweet from him emerged after a particular hashtag trended on Twitter.

Donald Trump and his run with WWE

Donald Trump had a great deal to do with WrestleMania IV and V. These two shows were hosted at Donald Trump’s Plaza in Atlantic City. Since these two nights, he was a familiar face within the wrestling industry. In 2007, his popularity in the wrestling circles skyrocketed when he actively participated in one of the biggest WWE storylines ever.

In January 2007, Mr. Trump interrupted Mr. McMahon’s “Fan Appreciation Night” on Raw to shower 10,000 dollars within the arena. This humiliated the WWE Chairman, and he proposed a “Battle of the Billionaires” at WrestleMania 23. The stipulation dictated that whoever lost would have their head shaved off.

Donald Trump’s selected warrior Bobby Lashley won the match against Vince McMahon’s Umaga, and they shaved his head off.

Coming to 2009, Trump purchased Monday Night Raw and announced that the following week’s show would be commercial free and anyone who purchased tickets would get a full refund. This PR stunt affected Mr. McMahon, and he bought the show back for double the price.

Dave Bautista with The Evolution

Dave Bautista, better known as ‘The Animal’ in WWE, has been heavily invested in movies in the recent past. However, he has made a couple of guest appearances ever since he left WWE to pursue his career in Hollywood.

One of his most recent appearances saw him reunite with Triple H and Randy Orton to present the faction – The Evolution. This was in 2014.

The Evolution was one of the most popular villainous factions in WWE history. The members were Batista, Triple H, Randy Orton, and Ric Flair. At their peak, the faction was unstoppable.

Unfortunately, it dissolved in 2004 and soon turned to ashes. It started with the three Superstars turning on Randy Orton before SummerSlam. Next, Batista turned on Triple H to pursue the World Heavyweight Championship himself. Finally, Triple H turned on Ric Flair, which ended the faction.

Dave Batista was supposed to enter the WWE Hall of Fame this year. However, it did not move forward as planned because of COVID-19.

It is possible the company will move ahead with the same in the coming year.