Former Auburn Defensive Coach Kevin Steele joins Tennessee football

Former Auburn Defensive Coach Kevin Steele joins Tennessee football

While it isn’t known what specific role would Kevin Steele have in Jeremy Pruitt’s team in Tennessee or what kind of position group will he oversee, the fact that we know for now is that he will be involved with defense in certain form and work alongside coach Derrick Ansley.

On Tuesday, the Volunteers announced about them hiring former defensive coordinator for Auburn officially. As per Knoxville News-Sentinel, it’s most likely going to be a 2-year contract with the yearly salary for Steele set at USD 450,000.

It is a homecoming for former Volunteer linebacker, who in the 70s played games in Knoxville and was the coaching staff after his graduation for three seasons before he returned as the defensive back coach during 1987-88.

Currently, Pruitt is counting on Steele’s vast experience and association with the region to enhance the Tennessee defense which stood at 7th position in SEC in yards allowed and points allowed both. Besides, there are more expectations for Pruitt to enhance the fortunes of the program after his third season at the Rocky Top. Post a 5-3 conference and an 8-5 mark finish, the Vols struggled to achieve a record of 3-7 last year. One will have to wait and see whether Steele’s hiring could be beneficial for the Vols.