Feds shot suspect at Ruby Tuesday after he hit agent with car



Federal agents opened fire at two drug suspects in the parking lot of a New Jersey Ruby Tuesday when one of the alleged traffickers hit a DEA agent with his car in the parking lot of the chain restaurant on Wednesday.

The suspect, who was shot by agents near the restaurant in Elizabeth, and his cohort had a kilogram of fentanyl, a DEA spokesman told The Star-Ledger.

“To give you some perspective, 2 micrograms of fentanyl can be fatal,” Tim McMahon, special agent with the DEA, told the paper Thursday.

The broad daylight melee reportedly started when the feds moved in to arrest the suspects, and one of them tried to drive off, and struck an agent.

“He struck one of our task-force officers with his vehicle as he was trying to get away,” McMahon told the newspaper.

The suspect was shot in the shoulder and is now in federal custody after being treated at the hospital, the article said.

The agent who was hit by the car did not suffer serious injuries, the paper reported.

The unnamed suspects face federal drug charges.

Footage of the scene captured by ABC7 Wednesday showed more than a dozen evidence markers scattered around the parking lot where bullet casings fell.


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