Fashion conscious Italian police object to pink face masks



Italian police are in revolt after receiving pink face masks which they say just doesn’t work with their snappy official uniforms.

Many officers are refusing to wear new pink FFP2 masks, which a police union has argued could “damage the image of the institution,” The Guardian reported.

“We ask you to take immediate action to ensure that the police carry out their duty wearing masks of a color (white, blue or black) which is consistent with the uniform of the state police,” Stefano Paolini, a local police union chief wrote to the country’s Interior Minister Lamberto Giannini.

Paolini added later that it was nothing against the color pink, and that his opposition stemmed “from the fact that the uniform is regulated.”

“On the basis of the oath made, the uniform must be worn with decorum … during a period of rising aversion towards the police, it’s necessary to adopt sobriety and respect,” he said.

The masks were sent to cops in Ferrara, Varese, Bologna, Pavia, Venice and Syracuse.

Italy has reimposed mask mandates for anyone outdoors in an effort to combat the new Omicron variant of COVID-19.


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