Farmer shoots another family’s dog after it chased his sheep

Farmer shoots another family’s dog after it chased his sheep

A farmer in the United Kingdom shot another family’s beloved pet dog in the face after a run-in with his sheep.

Kerri Malley, 40, said she walking her 3-year-old cockapoo, Benji, when the pooch accidentally brushed against an electric fence and ran off from her near a sheep field in Sandbach.

After searching for 10 minutes, she asked a farmer if he’d seen the dog, to which she says he replied, “Yes, I’ve shot it. Help yourself, it’s in the back.”

“My Benji was lying there, having been shot in the face. I fell to my knees in complete shock of what I was witnessing,” she recalled to news outlet SWNS.

The mom of three said Benji was barely breathing when she went to retrieve him.

“I find it incredibly hard to stomach that a burly farmer such as this had him within reach to kick, but not to grab him and place him in the back of the Land Rover,” Malley said.

Malley said she rushed Benji to a local animal hospital, where he died within minutes, leaving her young daughters heartbroken.

“The girls have cried themselves to sleep pretty much every night,” she said.

The farmer, who was identified as Robert Holdcroft, told officers that he found the dog attacking his sheep on the farm.

His wife also defended her husband’s actions, claiming Benji was running around their property for 20 minutes and chased one of their sheep into a pond, the Daily Mail reported.

“It took Rob a long time to get the sheep out. The dog was on our land and we were well within our rights,” she said.

“In fact, the police even asked us if we wanted to prosecute the dog owner but we have decided to leave it and that’s all we want to say.”

Under the law, it is legal to shoot a dog if it is putting livestock in danger, The Sun reported.

But Malley argued that Benji never harmed any of Holdcroft’s sheep — and she’s now calling for the law to be changed.

“I am not condoning sheep worrying and its lack of importance, but there has to be a more humane way to deal with it in this day and age, so innocent family pets are not killed unnecessarily,” she said.