Ex-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell said she doesn’t have the ‘tiniest fraction’ of funds to cover the $4 billion in lawsuits from her bogus election-fraud claims



sidney powell

Sidney Powell in December. AP Photo/Ben Margot

  • The former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell said she didn’t have the money to pay for lawsuits against her.

  • She faces defamation suits worth over $4 billion after accusing tech firms of rigging the election.

  • Powell said this week that she didn’t have “the tiniest fraction of that amount of assets.”

Sidney Powell, a former lawyer for Donald Trump, said she didn’t have a fraction of the funds to cover lawsuits demanding vast sums as a consequence of her bogus claims that last year’s presidential election was rigged.

“We need a take-a-number system now for people that want to sue Sidney Powell, who doesn’t have the tiniest fraction of that amount of assets,” she told the radio host Pete Santilli on Wednesday, in a clip cited by The Independent. “We could write that check and watch it bounce to infinity and beyond.”

Powell has pushed baseless conspiracy theories, including that the election-technology firm Dominion Voting Systems secretly aided a rival firm, Smartmatic, in a bid to steal the election from Trump.

Trump fired Powell from his legal team days after she made the allegations in public.

Nonetheless, Powell fronted cases for other plaintiffs, attempting to force a change in the election results in Trump’s favor. All those lawsuits failed.

Legal filings would later show that Trump campaign officials had warned Powell that her claims about Dominion and Smartmatic were false, though that didn’t stop her from repeating the claims.

Dominion filed a $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit against Powell in January, and Smartmatic filed a $2.7 billion defamation lawsuit against Powell and others in February.

Eric Coomer, a Dominion employee who’s said he went into hiding following threats from election conspiracy theorists, also filed a defamation lawsuit against Powell and others. Coomer’s suit did not specify an amount he is seeking.

In her interview on Wednesday, Powell said she would keep fighting the legal cases against her despite her lack of funds.

Powell countersued Dominion in September after she failed to have the suit thrown out, Bloomberg reported.

In her filing against Dominion, she said the $1.3 billion demand was “ludicrous” and doubled down on her allegations that Dominion’s election activity contained “serious flaws and wrongdoing.”

Powell is seeking $10 million in damages from Dominion.

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