Energy Department gets hacked in suspected Russian campaign: Report

Energy Department gets hacked in suspected Russian campaign: Report

A spokesperson on Thursday informed that the Energy Department had been hacked as a part of one huge, on-going campaign plotted against the United States government, thus making it the most recent agency to be breached by the Russian spies.

A few fed agencies have also been hit by one huge months-long breach that’s believed to be the work of the Russian Intelligence, leaving the US government scrambling to look for what was actually infected and what amount of information had been stolen. 

According to Shaylyn Hynes, the spokeswoman for the Energy Department, the investigation has discovered that the hackers isolated only the business networks using the malware. Besides, they have not caused an impact on the critical mission national security function of the Energy Department.

Much part of the campaign took place post hacking of Texas-based firm SolarWinds that counts several government agencies as well as a number of key US firms as the customers. 

The hackers had planted malicious code in the software updates, which had bypassed the fed cyber-security scans.

Notably, the Russian campaign that’s believed to have begun in March, had been made public on 8 December when cyber-security firm FireEye said that it was hacked.    


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