Elvira Opens Up About Her Sweet First Kiss With Partner T Wierson





Elvira really is living her best life.

In a new interview with CBS’ Los Angeles affiliate KCAL 9, Cassandra Peterson — also known as the Queen of Halloween herself, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark — opened up even more about her relationship with T Wierson, the woman she’s been with for 19 years. She even spilled some details on their adorable first kiss!

In the interview with KCAL’s Joy Benedict, which focused on Peterson’s new memoir Yours Cruelly, Elvira, the b-movie horror host revealed why she kissed her partner first, and not the other way around.

At the beginning, Peterson and Wierson were just friends, but Peterson said, “suddenly it evolved into more than a friendship.”

Benedict then asked Peterson about the couple’s first kiss, saying that Wierson said Peterson kissed her first.

“I did!” Peterson laughed. “She would have never ever tried to kiss me, I know she wouldn’t. Because she’s just too proper and decent and all the things I’m not!” Well thank god Elvira is Elvira!!!

She also talked about how the reaction to her coming out has been, and how at first, she was afraid Elvira fans wouldn’t warm up to the idea that the sexy icon was dating a woman in real life. But she’s been happy to have been proven wrong.

“7,000 people unfollowed me, but I got 60,000 new followers, so, that was like, oh, this is so great,” she said. “It turns out good, even if it’s really, really hard. It really feels good to get those secrets out of the closet, so to speak…out of the coffin, I like to say!”

Peterson first came out in an article about her new book for The Advocate, announcing to the world that she’s been in a relationship with T Wierson for 19 years. “For the first time in my life I’m with someone who makes me feel safe, blessed, and truly loved,” she wrote in her book.

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