Eliot Spitzer wants judge to toss alleged Russian hooker’s suit



Eliot Spitzer has asked a judge to consider tossing the rest of a lawsuit filed by his accuser and Russian escort Svetlana Travis — as parts of her suit were just made public.

The alleged $5,000-a-night call girl filed suit against the disgraced former governor in 2020 but the case was filed under seal and only partially made public recently after The Post and another media outlet petitioned a judge.

In October, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Paul Goetz ordered that the portions of Travis’ suit relating to her bombshell allegations that Spitzer choked her during a sex session gone wrong at the Plaza Hotel on Feb. 13, 2016, would be unsealed.

Goetz’s order also dismissed all of Travis’ allegations against Spitzer except the one relating to the Plaza Hotel incident.

An unsealed, but still heavily redacted, version of Travis’ suit was filed on Dec. 16 but only recently made accessible to the public.

A letter from Spitzer’s lawyer Adam Kaufmann asking Goetz to allow him to file a motion to dismiss the rest of her suit was also made public.

“Plaintiff launched this action as part of her effort to extract revenge against Mr. Spitzer, his family and anyone remotely close to him after she was prosecuted and jailed for her extortive scheme against Mr. Spitzer and another victim,” Kaufmann wrote in a letter to Goetz only made public this week.

“Plaintiff’s own filings to the court demonstrate that her single remaining claim cannot be sustained,” Kaufmann wrote asking to file a motion for summary judgment.

Travis accused Spitzer of choking her during sex in 2016 at the Plaza Hotel.
Svetlana Travis accused Spitzer of choking her during sex in 2016 at the Plaza Hotel.
Travis pleaded guilty to attempted petit larceny in 2017.
Travis pleaded guilty to attempted petit larceny in 2017.
Steven Hirsch

Of the newly unsealed suit, Kaufmann said, “There is nothing new in these allegations. They have been investigated by law enforcement and dismissed as complete fabrications.

“In fact, Ms. Travis herself sent an email unequivocally apologizing and retracting the allegations the day after she initially made them,” Kaufmann continued in a statement. “We are pleased the court dismissed most of the counts and are confident the rest of the case will follow.”

Travis was sentenced to 90 days time served in 2017 after she pleaded guilty to attempted petit larceny for trying to steal rent from another ex-lover. The plea deal meant she didn’t have to cop to charges accusing her of extorting $400,000 from Spitzer to keep quiet about their affair.

In 2017, Spitzer filed suit against Travis accusing her of fraud and extortion but he dropped the case just a few months later.

Travis’ lawyer Joseph Murray filed a response letter Tuesday opposing Spitzer’s request to make a motion for summary judgment, alleging that Spitzer’s side has filed motions which have delayed the case from moving forward.

Murray also disputed all of Kaufmann’s assertions from his letter alleging that Travis, not Spitzer, was the real victim and claiming that the ex-guv threatened Travis to keep her from fully cooperating with officials over the Feb. 13 incident.


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