Eddie Jackson takes jab at Lance Briggs after tackling criticism



Looks like we have ourselves a mild Twitter beef between two former All-Pro Chicago Bears.

Former Bears linebacker Lance Briggs, now an analyst for NBC Sports Chicago, had some choice words for current safety Eddie Jackson on The Football Aftershow following the Bears 24-14 loss to the Green Bay Packers.

Briggs called out Jackson’s inability to make key tackles, specifically the hit on Packers wide receiver Davante Adams late in the game:

“Eddie Jackson, we’ve talked to this before and his name keeps coming up for the wrong reasons. His name keeps coming up for reasons as, you are the safety, you are the last line of defense. When you come up and you make that hit on Davante Adams and he gets past you, it’s going to be a touchdown, kid! You have to make that play, get him down by any means necessary. Don’t care how you do it. Even if you, shoot, get the worst flag, still keeps him out of the endzone. But you got to find a way to get him down.”

It appears Jackson heard the criticism from Briggs and briefly quote tweeted an old post from Pro Football Focus dating back to 2011. The post was about the Briggs’ own issues with tackling during his playing days, indicating he led the league in missed tackles for a three-year period.

Jackson posted the tweet with the thinking emoji late Sunday evening before deleting it a few minutes later.

Perhaps Jackson just had a few minutes of frustration before coming to his senses, but he clearly wasn’t happy with what Briggs said. Jackson’s tackling issues have also persisted for years since he was drafted by the Bears, but he made up for that deficiency with his ball-hawking skills.

Since his interceptions have dried up over the last season and a half, coupled with footage of him explaining to young defensive backs how he focuses on going for the ball rather than tackling, fans and analysts alike have grown tired of him failing to bring down the ball carrier consistently.

It’s very possible this brief back-and-forth ends here, but seeing Jackson try and discredit Briggs isn’t the best look after a bad loss to the Packers.


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