Derrick Lewis Has a Surprising Game Plan for UFC Fight Against Curtis Blaydes

Derrick Lewis Has a Surprising Game Plan for UFC Fight Against Curtis Blaydes

‘The Black Beast’ Derrick Lewis will take on his long-time rival, Curtis Blaydes, this weekend. The over fetching beef will finally be settled inside the cage. Ahead of his fight, Lewis chatted with the media. Here, he shed light on the game plan he will employ in the main event as he seeks to move closer to a second heavyweight shot.

Lewis stated, “I believe you’ll see a lot of wrestling. I think I am gonna go and wrestle this guy and show him that I am one of the baddest blue belts in Texas.” 

“Just more wrestling, you know if he wanted the wrestling match I am sure he is not going to try to take me down. So I feel that he feel like my weakness is really standing up because I am so predictable. So I don’t think we even going to go the ground. I believe he’s going to try to outstrike me. My game plan for me is just to try to take him down right after that.”

Though Blaydes is the superior grappler, Lewis feels he can astound ‘Razor’ with his ground and pound abilities. This will be a highly competitive heavyweight fight. Given, ‘The Black Beast’s’ comments, fans may be intrigued about possibly seeing a new version of him in action.

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Can Derrick Lewis give Blaydes a tough time on the mat?

Derrick Lewis showcases ferocious punching power that can put his opponents to sleep with just one right hand. After his TKO victory over Aleksei Oleinik on August 8, Lewis became the knockout king of the heavyweights. On the other side, Blaydes has the record for the most takedowns in a single heavyweight fight.

Lewis feels his opponents ‘predict’ his approach to the fight beforehand and still end up on the losing vertical. UFC fans wrote him off after a submission loss to Daniel Cormier, but he bounced back with three consecutive wins and will look to make it four on November 28.

The winner of this bout might face the heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic or the number 1 contender Francis Ngannou in 2021.

That will take place soon, but the intriguing prospect will be if Lewis does follow through on his words. Do you think he revealed his game plan to trick Blaydes?

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