De Blasio doesn’t believe Gov. Cuomo’s sexual harassment denial



Mayor Bill de Blasio said Tuesday that he doesn’t believe Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s denial of the sexual harassment allegations that have top fellow Democrats calling for his resignation.

During a morning news conference, de Blasio was asked if Cuomo’s response to mounting accusations of inappropriate conduct by five women, including four ex-aides, “is credible at this point.”

“No,” de Blasio answered, without elaborating.

Cuomo has flatly denied some of the allegations against him and has said others were the result of his actions being misinterpreted by his accusers.

“I never meant to make anyone feel unwelcome in any way,” he said Sunday.

Cuomo has also repeatedly refused to resign under bipartisan pressure that includes a pending impeachment resolution drafted by Republicans in the state Assembly.

Mayor Bill de Blasio right, and Gov. Andrew Cuomo
Mayor Bill de Blasio said that he doesn’t believe Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s denial of sexual harassment allegations.

The allegations against Cuomo are under investigation by a team of private lawyers — including former acting Manhattan US Attorney Joon Kim — who were hired on Monday by state Attorney General Joon Kim.


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