David Harbour says Stranger Things 4 will uncover truths ‘we’ve only hinted at before’



David Harbour, still rocking a shaved head (which he’s self-conscious about, by the way, but carries it well), emerged on the main stage of New York Comic Con Saturday afternoon where he set up how the interweaving story lines in Stranger Things season 4 serve a greater purpose.

He began by referencing the teaser videos that have come out already: one revealing Harbour’s return as Chief Jim Hopper after his uncertain fate at the end of season 3, another showing how Dr. Martin “Pappa” Brenner (Matthew Modine) plays a part with Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) forced to confront demons from her past, that brief sizzle reel with a bunch of footage, and also the latest unveiling of the Creel House. One more is coming our way soon, Harbour prefaced.

“There are these story lines… one of which is me in Russia, which you’ve seen with From Russia With Love,” he joked of Hopper becoming a prisoner in a Russia camp. The actor mentioned The Great Escape and David Fincher’s Alien 3 as inspirations, in that there is a “Hopper-trying-to-get-home-to-his-family element to it, which is really incredible,” and there’s a “demogorgon in this prison” with Hopper.

David Harbour Stranger Things 4

David Harbour Stranger Things 4

Netflix David Harbour as Jim Hopper in ‘Stranger Things 4’

“I think I have the best storyline,” he said with a laugh. “And then you’ll see a lot more layers about Eleven and Brenner and the institution and what she went through and is going through that relates to this narrative coming back. And then there’s this new Creel House thing, which is this new element of a situation in Hawkins, which of course all relates.”

The Creel House was home to a man named Victor Creel, played by Nightmare on Elm Street legend Robert Englund. Victor is now hospitalized in a psychiatric facility after, as the teaser suggests, murdering his family years earlier. Based on the footage we’ve seen thus far, it’s a location that seems to have a connection to the Upside Down. And Harbour says we get to learn more about.

“What we’re trying to do, as we elaborate this thing, [is] to draw it back and make sure that we don’t have an end game like, some of us thought about, that show LOST. ‘What happened to the polar bear?!'” Harbour continued to joke with the audience. “We’re trying to draw in, so the [elements of the story line] starts to come to a head and becomes a complete piece.”

“Season 4 lays a lot of pipe for that,” he added.

Stranger Things 4

Stranger Things 4

Netflix Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven in ‘Stranger Things 4’

Stranger Things will take viewers far beyond Hawkins, not just to Russia, but also to the Byers new home after the family had enough with their hometown and its spooky shenanigans.

Harbour feels season 4 is “the deepest season we’ve got to go” with Hopper. He mentions the “cardboard boxes in the attic” hinting at his own family’s past. “We start to really uncover these truths that we’ve only hinted at before,” he said.

Then there’s the action element to it. Harbour promises there’s “tremendous action to it — action on a level that we’ve never done before.”

Stranger Things will return in 2022.

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