Dana White says he took his COVID-19 treatment cues from Joe Rogan



UFC president Dana White is at home with a breakthrough case of COVID-19. He has spent some of his time away from work listening to Joe Rogan.

Not Rogan’s podcast, necessarily, but his direct medical advice on how to combat the virus.

White told the Jim Rome Podcast (via MMAFighting.com) on Wednesday that he went straight to Rogan after he surmised he had been infected. The prescription was the usual: a regimen of monoclonal antibodies, vitamins and drugs that include ivermectin.

“Rogan has worked with over 30 or 40 people that have done this and he swears by it, and he’s a good friend of mine that I’ve known for over 20 years. So, yeah, I believe in what he’s saying. I believe the way he explained to me on how this thing works made sense to me,” White told Rome, per MMAFighting.com. He said he “could not feel better” after starting the treatment. 

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White told Rome that he and his family got the virus during a Thanksgiving trip to their house in Maine. White said he knew he had it when he couldn’t smell the eucalyptus he was using with a steam. Rogan was his first call.

“I’m like, yeah, I got no smell. So you know what this means. I literally got out of the steam, picked up my phone and called Joe Rogan,” White told Rome (per MMA Fighting). After the call, White was tested and the result came back positive.

Rogan said in early September that he recovered rapidly from the virus after going through an antibody-and-drug regimen. His stated use of ivermectin for humans (it was originally created for livestock) angered a lot of the people who heard his story. Ivermectin is not approved or authorized by the Food and Drug Adminstration to treat COVID-19. People accused him of using the animal version.

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“Listen, I’m vaccinated,” White told Rome. “It’s not like I’m some crazy anti-vax conspiracy theorist or some of that stuff but Rogan is a very brilliant guy. Very smart guy who talks to the best and the brightest out there and I’m not a believer in the narrative.”


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