Cuomo campaign booted from Dem fundraising site amid scandal


The Democratic fundraising platform ActBlue has booted Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s campaign committee from its site after a state investigative report found the three-term Democrat sexually harassed female staffers half his age.

Candidates use ActBlue’s platform to solicit donations from a broad pool of Democratic activists across the country.

Axios first reported that Cuomo’s campaign committee and political action committee pages were no longer on the site Thursday afternoon.

“You have attempted to make a contribution to a fundraising page that has no active recipients,” an error message on both pages reads.

“Either the page’s owner has removed all committees or organizations from the page, or we have concluded processing contributions for these committees or organizations.”

ActBlue Blue confirmed in an email to The Post Thursday night that the platform was no longer processing contributions for Cuomo.

That decision was made by ActBlue. The Cuomo campaign had no immediate comment.

Cuomo’s campaign raised $2.3 million during the first half of 2021 — much of it from donors with business before the state, such as real estate interests and vendors with massive state contracts. He has not been known to be a big grass-roots fundraiser despite the campaign’s presence on ActBlue.

But Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-Long Island), a GOP gubernatorial hopeful, raked in nearly $4.1 million since declaring his candidacy on April 8, more than Cuomo. Cuomo still has more than $18 million cash in hand, dwarfing any potential rival.

Rep. Lee Zeldin has raised more money than Gov. Cuomo since announcing his gubernatorial bid on April 6, 2021.Rep. Lee Zeldin has raised more money than Gov. Cuomo since announcing his gubernatorial bid on April 6, 2021.Getty Photo by Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

Cuomo, a three-term Democrat who had been planning to seek a fourth-term next year, is facing an avalanche of calls from Democratic officials and lawmakers to resign — including President Biden — after the report released by state Attorney General Letitia James found the governor harassed numerous staffers and former staffers — including a state trooper.

Now’s he fighting for his political survival, and the odds are increasing he will be removed from office.

Cuomo — as of now — is resisting calls to resign and his office said Thursday he will cooperate and present a defense with the state Assembly’s impeachment probe. The Assembly, run by fellow Democrats, said it’s ready to draft articles of impeachment by the end of August.

Cuomo will be suspended from office if he’s impeached by the Assembly, which requires only a simple majority of 76 votes.

The Democratic-controlled Senate would then hold a trial on the misconduct charges. A two-thirds vote is required to convict Cuomo in the Senate.

There is a growing support in both houses to remove Cuomo.

The Assembly investigators have also gathered information about accusations that Cuomo covered up the true total of coronavirus deaths of nursing homes during the peak of the pandemic, whether he used staffers and other government resources to prepare his $5.1 leadership memoir on COVID as well as claims that safety issues were covered up at the Mario Cuomo Bridge.

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