Covid’s delta variant has the highest transfer rate in the US.


The numbers moving in the wrong Direction as delta is the Predominant variant here in the United States. Nationally cases are up about 30% week over a week according to the latest CDC data.  Just under 18,000 are now being reported each day in u.s That is way fewer than we saw at The peak of this but it is going In the wrong direction Hospital admissions rising 15% week over week to more than 2,000 a day.

Deaths at 183 per day. The states with the highest Infection rates are ones where we do see delta predominant and Also see lower vaccination Rates. The red there is where the CDC Says the highest transmission is happening in the country States like Arkansas, Missouri, and Florida is a real worry. Louisiana and Nevada are all seeing the highest per capita case Rates right now.

Areas in the northeast and some  Around south Dakota in the blue  There seeing the lowest  Transmission right now Boosters, of course, a huge  Topic since Pfizer came out last week saying it has data  Suggesting we need boosters. Now the company is meeting earlier this week, potentially Today with us Health officials to discuss data and booster Shots. This as yesterday Israel said it Plans to offer booster shots to  Those who are immune-compromised  Which is the data suggested that The people who were vaccinated First and also folks who have  Weaker immune systems are the ones that are seeing more  Infection.

Here, we’re still talking about the unvaccinated that are primarily both transmitting this and that are unfortunately Victims of this. We’re not seeing massive Breakthrough cases.

99.5% of COVID deaths are in People unvaccinated. The really good news about the Vaccines is they protect against severe diseases as for the rate of breakthrough Cases for infection, we really don’t know that quite as well Because the CDC doesn’t track or Make public those data but you Do see that the high infection Numbers are in states with lower Vaccination rates. So it does track that’s where this is spreading.

Is there any conversation about surging — either surging Efforts to try to create – to Get more vaccination in those States and implications for Employers in those states?

Yeah, That’s a really interesting Question They are going person by person, Door to door in some cases in These areas focusing on the Local areas that have the highest risk of trying to get folks to get their first vaccine That’s why there was such an Uproar about this talk about Boosters There’s such a focus on getting people to get vaccinated in the first place.

The question about employers,  They’re trying to involve them As well because they find the  More convenient you can make the shots for people, the easier it will is for them to get them Obviously.