Counter-Strike: Global Offensive- Esportal Opens Up About Ongoing VAC Bans

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive- Esportal Opens Up About Ongoing VAC Bans

Esportal, a competitive matchmaking hub for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, has released a statement regarding the recent VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) bans many players have received on the platform. This became quite a big incident in the competitive Counter-Strike circuit.

Many Esportal players have received a ban for reasons that were not apparent. As for now, the problem seems to occur due to the compatibility issues between Esportal’s own anti-cheat client and VAC.

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Esportal posted a tweet recently stating that they are still waiting on a reply from Valve about this.

We are aware of the situation regarding VAC bans... We see no reason to be worried, our developers are waiting for contact from Valve and it will probably be solved soon.

“We will find a solution”- Esportal on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive VAC bans

This is not the first time a competitive hub has faced VAC issues with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Back in October, the matchmaking hub, 5E Arena, ran into similar unaccounted for VAC bans due to the same reason. This is what Esportal has to say in this matter:

“Our belief is that we will be able to solve the problem in the same way as they did, where we make sure that our software works in tune with VAC and that all bans are reversed. We also want to underline that we are convinced that the bans we have seen the last couple of days have nothing to do with actual cheating.”

On that note, this is what Esportal aims at doing:

  • Reverse all VAC bans, since they had nothing to do with cheating.
  • Setting up their own anti-cheat client so that it does not run into any more compatibility issues with VAC.

VAC has been doing an excellent job at keeping cheaters at bay in CS: GO. We hope this issue will soon be resolved as soon as Esportal hears back from Valve.