Columbia University bolsters security after fatal Davide Giri stabbing



Columbia University on Friday said it will increase security around its Manhattan campus — after outraged students called for enhanced protection in the wake of the stabbing death of one of their own.

Students had demanded that the Ivy League school use some of its “multibillion endowment” to increase security after grad student Davide Giri, 30, was knifed in the stomach, allegedly by an ex-con gang member, as he walked to his nearby Morningside Heights apartment Thursday night.

Students had been alerted to the “violent attack” on Giri in Morningside Park on Friday morning through an email from Columbia University President Lee Bollinger.

Some students and their parents immediately lashed out at the university, accusing the school of not doing enough to protect them on and around campus.

“Please honor Davide by using some of the university’s multibillion endowment to increase security around the park and the projects. If the police precinct can’t do it, you have to supplement,” one person tweeted.

Columbia University on 116th Street and Broadway in the Borough of Manhatten.
Columbia University plans on increasing campus security after the stabbing death of graduate student Davide Giri.
R Umar Abbasi

Another person wrote, “They charge a hefty fee and have billions in endowment… about time they provided security for students.”

One person argued that urging students to stay away from Morningside Park — the scene of that fatal stabbing — wasn’t enough.

“Bollinger must immediately increase campus security patrol as well as work with the NYPD to make the Morningside Heights area a safe place,” a Columbia parent tweeted.

An email was sent out to all students Friday afternoon detailing that the NYPD would immediately start providing extra protection around Morningside Park.

Columbia University students Davide Giri and Tessa Majors were both stabbed to death at Morningside Park.
Students Davide Giri and Tessa Majors were both stabbed to death at Morningside Park.
Twitter; Courtesy of the Majors Family

It’s the same park where Barnard student Tessa Majors, 18, was stabbed to death in a botched robbery in December 2019. 

In addition, the university said security would be conducting “additional foot patrols” around the campus and they had partnered with a rideshare company Via to provide an alternative to walking alone at night.

Columbia University did not respond to The Post’s request for comment Friday.

Students have demanded Columbia University to utilize its large endowment funds to strengthen campus security.
Students have demanded Columbia University to utilize its large endowment to strengthen campus security.

The university scheduled a vigil to take place on campus Friday evening in honor of Giri, an Italian PhD student.

One of Giri’s fellow grad students told The Post she believed that the tragic slaying could lead to calls for more NYPD cops on campus.

“Davide was tragically killed and, just like at the University of Chicago, where a student was recently killed, some people will start asking for more police presence,” Sandra Veronica Portocarrero said.

The NYPD has closed all entrances into Morningside Park, NYC, after Barnard College student Tessa Majors was found yesterday inside the park, stabbed to death.
Morningside Park has been embattled with crime.
Matthew McDermott
New York Post cover for Friday, October 15, 2021.
Tessa Majors was killed at the park near Columbia in 2019.
NY Post Illustration

“But I do not believe that the presence of more NYPD will make our community safer,” she added. “I believe Columbia needs to reframe their approach to the community they inhabit. They need to think of how they can change the structural conditions that create poverty in the surroundings and thus increase crime rates.”

Vincent Pinkney, a 25-year-old gang member with a lengthy rap sheet, has been arrested over Giri’s fatal stabbing and another attack that left a 27-year-old tourist injured, authorities said.

The Manhattan man has 11 prior arrests dating back to 2012 for robberies and assaults, as well as other alleged crimes, police sources said. He is on post-release supervision until 2022.


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