Colorado cop allegedly posting nude pics of ex-girlfriend

Colorado cop allegedly posting nude pics of ex-girlfriend

A Colorado police officer allegedly posted nude photos of his “hot” ex-girlfriend online without her knowledge, court documents show.

Jacob Carley, a 41-year-old cop in Manitou Springs, was arrested Tuesday after publishing the revealing photos that were meant “only for him” on his Tumblr account, according to an arrest affidavit cited by the Colorado Springs Gazette.

He has been hit with a misdemeanor charge of suspicion of posting a private image for harassment.

The 45-year-old former flame told Colorado Springs police she gave Carley the images when the pair were dating and felt violated upon seeing them on the social networking site, the affidavit states.

She also told police she worried the images might cause her to lose her job if anyone saw them and claimed to be fearful of Carley because he’s a police officer, court records show.

Carley, a two-year department veteran, told investigators he posted the nude photos one week after the pair broke up because he thought she was “hot” and assumed she’d be unable to see them after deleting her own Tumblr account, the affidavit shows.

He claimed to be unaware that he didn’t have permission to post the snapshots, but couldn’t show that the woman consented for them to be put online, according to the affidavit.

In doing so, Carley allegedly violated the state’s so-called “revenge porn law,” which bars anyone from posting a private image online with intent to harass, intimidate or coerce a victim.

Carley has been placed on administrative leave, Manitou Springs police department officials said in a statement Tuesday.

“Manitou Springs Police Officers are bound by our oath of office,” the statement read. “Any officer violating the public trust, our mission, our vision, or our values will be held accountable by our police department in the name of the community we serve.”

Police in Colorado Springs are handling the ongoing criminal investigation.

Carley, who was booked into the El Paso County Jail, had a hearing set for Wednesday, but details of his bond were not immediately available, the Gazette reported.

He was no longer listed in custody as of early Thursday, online records show. It’s unclear if he’s hired an attorney who could speak on his behalf.