Coach Points Out ‘Lack of Desire’ as the Reason for David Goffin’s Disappointing Season

Coach Points Out 'Lack of Desire' as the Reason for David Goffin's Disappointing Season

Belgium’s David Goffin was an exciting prospect when he first emerged on tour. Over the past few years, Goffin has not progressed in the manner he would’ve expected himself to. He also performed below average this season before falling victim to the coronavirus. 

David’s quality is certainly not reflected in his recent string of poor performances. Younger talents like Rublev and Sinner have registered wins over the Belgian this year.

Realizing that there needs to be an improvement from his side, the former World No. 7 has joined hands with his friend, Germain Gigounon, as his new coach. 

An interesting fact is that Germain is just 31 years old. He himself was a player until the end of the 2018 season. Gigounon feels that their differences in personalities might be key in helping David regain his lost form.

David Goffin needs Motivation

Recently, on being appointed as his new coach, he said, “We have always been very close, despite the fact that we have very different temperaments. David is a rather silent person. And I am a more outgoing person. I think it always made a good mix. In any case, in our friendship. I think that is precisely what can help him today.”

David Goffin at the Italian Open 2020
Belgium’s David Goffin in action during his second round match Croatia’s Marin Cilic Pool via REUTERS/Clive Brunskill

This is not the first time Germain is going to coach another player. Prior to this, he coached Ysaline Bonaventure. Reflecting further on his new role, he felt David needs to feel more cheerful and build an appetite when stepping on the court.

Highlighting that point, Gigounon added, “We talked about what he had felt since returning to the circuit. He had a lack of desire and fun on the pitch. Our differences, my extroverted side, constantly on the go, that’s something that can help him. This is something that we will try to use, and that I can give him.”

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This season has not been as special for David as he would’ve liked. He had a poor run before the season was put on hold. After the season resumed, he was affected by COVID-19.

He did return but felt weakness and showed signs of fatigue. We hope he has a successful season next year.