Clever musician plays flute made from street barricade



He’s taking street performing to the next level. 

Catalan musician Xavier Lozano won fans and hearts with a video of him playing a rusted metal barricade like a flute.

Marcel Barrena, a 39-year-old director who has won two Gaudí Awards, Catalonia’s answer to the Oscars, posted a snap of the inventive music man to his Instagram feed, racking up over 6,500 views. And there’s a few more nontraditional wind instruments up Lozano’s sleeves. 

“Buscando nuevos sonidos para @mediterraneofilm,” wrote Barrena, which translated means, “Looking for new sounds for @mediterraneofilm,” which is the director’s latest project.

The sound of a street barricade? Soft, deep, wind sounds bouncing off the construction site mainstay. No word on whether he was up to date on his tetanus shot.

Xavier Lozano can play a street barricade like a flute.
Xavier Lozano can play a street barricade like a flute.
Marcel Barrena/ViralHog

But it’s not just small fences that Lozano brings into the world of music. He’s managed to coax sounds from a two-barrel shotgun, a plastic bottle, a brick and a bicycle tire.

He called his process, according to his Instagram bio, “La música tot ho habita,” or “Music inhabits everything.” 


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