Chris Boswell injury update: Steelers forced to play without a kicker after fake FG goes awry



The Steelers tried to catch the Browns off guard during their Week 8 game on Sunday afternoon with a fake field goal attempt. It didn’t quite go as planned. 

As a result, Pittsburgh will have to play the rest of their game without their kicker. Chris Boswell has been ruled out for the rest of the game with a concussion.

How did the injury happen? Cleveland did a great job of being ready for the Steelers’ trick play, playing a safe defense on the field goal attempt and covered all of Boswell’s receiving options on the play. That left the Steelers’ kicker scrambling around looking for anywhere to throw the ball.

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He ended up holding onto the ball for too long.  And he paid the price for it by taking a massive hit from Jordan Elliott.

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That hit knocked Boswell out of the game and left the Steelers without a kicker. To add insult to injury, former NFL referee Gene Steratore noted that the Browns should have been whistled for roughing the passer on the play but were not.

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Boswell’s absence could prove to be a difference-maker in their tightly contested battle with the Browns. In his absence, punter Pressley Harvin III handled a kickoff for the Steelers. Meanwhile, the team elected to go for a two-point conversion following their touchdown.

Pittsburgh converted the first time but had it called back for a penalty. They still chose to go for two from the 12-yard line, but they couldn’t convert.


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