Chael Sonnen Advices Anderson Silva to Get a ‘Finished Product’ Ready

3 MMA Organizations Reject Anderson Silva for a Contract Prospect

Anderson Silva is one of the greatest fighters to have ever stepped foot in the octagon. Ever since his debut, the spider has dazzled UFC fans with extraordinary finishes and unseen techniques. His run to the title and his title reign set multiple records, some of which stand the test of time and are yet to be broken.

He is one of the true legends of the sport and a future Hall of Famer. Not only did he put Brazilian MMA on the map, but he also inspired the next generation of Brazilian Martial artists to take up the sport. A lot of the current fighters have admitted that ‘The Spider’ was their idol growing up. He is a fighter that inspired them to take up the sport. 

The Spider‘ now finds himself without a contract from the UFC and is testing free agency. However, the search so far has not gone well as he has been turned down by multiple organizations.

Read: 3 MMA organizations reject Anderson Silva for a contract prospect 

Will Anderson Silva fight again? Chael Sonnen gives his opinion 

Silva’s former rival Chael Sonnen was asked if he thinks ‘The Spider’ would fight again. He said, “No, I don’t think we’ll see him fight again because I think those promotions are telling the truth. And I think there’s a much better way of going about it than the way that he went about it. I don’t think you should come out and just offer your services somewhere. I think that you should have a finished product. He should have found a very specific opponent, taken it to the audience first, to make sure the audience wanted it, then added some flames to it, and then dropped it”

Since being released from the UFC, the likes of Bellator, PFL, and BKFC have said that they were not interested in signing Silva. With one major promotion after another closing its doors, the prospect of ‘The Spider’ fighting again looks slim. 

Do you agree with what Chael Sonnen said? Will we see the former middleweight champion fight again? Let us know in the comments below. 

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