Carson Wentz coughs up worst interception of the year



Sometimes, a play is so bad that it immediately goes down in history. Quarterback Carson Wentz had one of those plays on Sunday, while his Indianapolis Colts were locked in a close game against the Tennessee Titans. He threw an interception that had everyone wondering what exactly Wentz thought he was doing. 

Tied with the Titans with about 90 seconds left in the game, Wentz got the ball and started at his own 8-yard line. He takes the snap and backs up into the end zone, faking a throw before getting taken to the ground. As he goes down, he tries to get rid of the ball, but that was the absolute worst thing to do. 

The ball got caught by Elijah Molden for an interception, who easily made his way into the end zone for a touchdown. Womp-womp. 

The internet — especially Philadelphia Eagles fans, who know that version of Wentz very well — predictably lost their collective mind at what at least one writer called “one of the very worst things I’ve seen a QB do.”

Many of those tweets assumed the Colts would lose — which they eventually did — they actually ended up tying the game and forcing overtime. A few people, including Emmanuel Acho, decided Wentz was a “genius” for sacrificing his dignity and looking like a dope just to extend the game. 

Sadly, it was all for nothing. The Colts lost in overtime when Wentz threw an interception that ended up being a game-winning field goal for the Titans. 


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