Car crash injures bicyclist in the Bronx


A major car wreck overnight injured a Citi Bike rider in The Bronx, photos show.

Two cars collided on E. 163rd Street and Prospect Avenue about 2:30 a.m., causing one of the vehicles to ram into a person riding a Citi Bike, photos show. The bicyclist was taken to a nearby hospital with serious injuries.

Car crash.The gray Toyota with a ride-share service license plate was moderately damaged.Seth Gottfried

Photos from the grisly scene of the crash’s aftermath show a destroyed Citi Bike beneath the bumper of a BMW. The front of the blue BMW was severely damaged, photos show.

The gray Toyota with a ride-hail service license plate was moderately damaged in the left rear, pictures from the scene show.

Car crash.The blue BMW was the car the stuck the cyclist and the front bumper was heavily damaged.Seth Gottfried


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