Captivating video captures fish being chased off the Rockaways

Captivating video captures fish being chased off the Rockaways

A stunning new aerial video shows a school of bunker fish seemingly dancing in the waters off of the Rockaways —  as they’re pursued by sharks.

The footage, posted on Twitter Monday by the Rockaway Times, shows dozens of bunker fish swimming together, with the school dramatically changing shapes as it dodges sharks that can be seen just below the surface.

When the camera pans back the Rockaway shoreline can be seen close by.

“SHARKS! chasing bunker fish. #Rockaway,” the caption reads “As Robbie Ostrander, our fave photog says, ‘This is some National Geographic s–t.’ Scary and beautiful.”

Spotting marine life off the shores of the Big Apple has become more common in recent years, as the waters surrounding the city have become increasingly cleaner, experts say.

Last year alone more than 260 Atlantic and Humpback whales were spotted swimming offshore.

“Bunker along the Rockaways have attracted Humpback whales inshore close to the beach that have been ‘lunge feeding’ through them, scooping up hundreds at a time,” Queens College biology professor John Waldman told The Post on Monday.

“Bunker head south this time of year to warmer waters, which is why we’re seeing them migrating now along our beaches,” Waldman said.

He said bunkers are often described as the “most important fish in the sea,” because they are a vital part of the marine food chain.