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There was a time when watching new releases outside of the cinemas was next to impossible unless you were brave enough to download torrents, but finding downloads of your favorite new shows may take a reasonable amount of time to be available online. However, now we have the option of numerous streaming services that allow us to watch brand-new content at the touch of our fingertips.

Consequently, the first world dilemma of finding exactly what to watch does exist with the easy-access streaming subscriptions. The ever-increasing content on these streaming services leaves the viewers in the search of what & where to watch for hours. The indecisiveness is no match for the fast-paced technology, and the JustWatch app was created to fill that gap. 

JustWatch claims to gather “all your streaming services in one app” along with dishing personal recommendations for movies & TV shows available across more than eighty-five streaming platforms including the big players like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and, Disney Plus. 

Free streaming guide

First & foremost, JustWatch is a free app designed to be your streaming guide. JustWatch organizes available titles from numerous platforms in one place to make it easy for the users to navigate through and find what they’re looking for.

Specifically, JustWatch only shows us legal offers of movies & TV shows on many different platforms for paid subscriptions, free streaming, streaming with ads, for rental, and for purchase. The app acts as a database of content that guides us to find our desired watch for the day for free. JustWatch just happens to be like IMDb in terms of a search engine but on streaming platform steroids.

One search, one place

Do you wish for a search button that would display combined results from all your subscribed content providers? Well, one of the best features of JustWatch is the one-search-all function that prevents users from going back & forth between services to find out if a movie or TV show is available.

In addition, we can use filters to choose selected offers or narrow down streaming services you already have to only see content available to you. The one search button is a boon for many of us confused peeps who rather give up on movie nights than find what we’re looking for on the endless list of content on streaming platforms.

Combine watchlists

Have multiple watchlists on different content providers you’re subscribed to? Combine them into a single watchlist with the JustWatch app. JustWatch allows you to keep track of movies & TV shows you want to watch in one list across streaming platforms on all your devices. Doesn’t that sound great?

Even after having laid out all your content options in a single location, it’s possible you may still find the selection process difficult. Thus, in addition to combining watchlists, JustWatch also provides personalized recommendations for users to find what to watch based on previously watched movies & TV shows and the availability of similar content on subscribed streaming services. 

Netflix U.S. vs the UK

JustWatch works in tandem with your local streaming operators – i.e., you will be shown titles available on the local versions of streaming platforms in your JustWatch account. But to ensure this works smoothly, it’s best to check if you have chosen the right country on your JustWatch. 

JustWatch is currently available in countries across North & South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Pacific continents. 

How to get JustWatch

You can create your JustWatch account by signing up on their website using email. You can also use your Facebook, Google, or Apple accounts to access your JustWatch account. 

If finding what to watch is a daily struggle and you’re worried about potentially wasting your streaming subscriptions, get the best use out of them using the JustWatch app. Let us know what your experience with the JustWatch app is in the comments.