Call of Duty Mobile Finally Introduces Long Awaited Legendary Character

Call of Duty Mobile Finally Introduces Long Awaited Legendary Character

Call of Duty’s popularity is increasing in the mobile gaming industry with each passing day. The regular monthly updates like Gunsmith and Night mode by the developers make the game very enjoyable for its users.

Call of Duty Mobile has released many character skins and gun blueprints since the release of the game; however, for the first time, a highly anticipated legendary character skin is now available to players in a brand new lucky draw.

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Call of Duty Mobile Introduces The First Ever Legendary Skin

CoD Mobile has released their first legendary skin to the game, along with some exciting new features. Players get their hands on the new legendary skin by opening the new lucky draw, Dark Side Draw. 

CoD Mobile has also given players a chance to get a legendary skin, Dark Nikto, for free by allowing players to have their first spin for free. This is an awesome opportunity for free players to get their hands on the cool merch in the draw.

Dark Nikto is the first legendary character that has been introduced to the game. Undoubtedly, CoD Mobile have blessed it with some additional cool features to set it apart from others.

Players will get a customized UAV Skin with this character equipped. Nikto will also display the kill counts on his left wrist, which will be very interesting to see; players also get a special drop stance before parachuting to the map and also a customized loot box in Battle Royale.

A new legendary pistol skin

CoD Mobile has also introduced a new pistol to the game named .50 GS. Players are too focused on Dark Nikto that they totally forgot about this novel munition.

The pistol is also available in Dark Side Draw alongside Dark Nikto; however, .50 GS will also get a legendary blueprint and a cool death effect.

Players can also equip the perk Akimbo, which is mostly hated by the community nowadays, as it is too broken for most players to handle. However, .50 GS won’t be too accurate like Fennec with Akimbo perk equipped.

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