California places orders for more body bags as the COVID-19 death toll rises

California places orders for more body bags as the COVID-19 death toll rises

California has purchased several body bags as well as refrigerated storage systems on standby while it gears up to tackle a rising COVID-19 death toll. 

The orders placed for sixty 53-ft big refrigerated systems and 5,000 body bags to prepare the hospitals and counties should probably be a decent statistic, said Governor Gavin Newsom.

Though COVID-19 vaccines have started to arrive, the pandemic is nowhere close to getting over, said Newsom.

According to Newsom, there is a reason for being optimistic: the vaccines started being administered to the patients on Monday and California expects to administer 2.1mn doses by this month end.

He has urged the people of the state to have their masks on, maintain social distancing and follow other measures to contain coronavirus from spreading further.

Huge areas of California are still under stay-indoor orders.

Around 32,000 new coronavirus cases are recorded in the state per day, a figure Newsom says was historic, while positivity rate fortunately had increased from 6.9% at December first week to over 10% on Monday.

Notably, the no. of people getting hospitalized for the virus in the state increased from about 8,500 on 1 December to about 14,200 on Monday, Newsom said. Over 21,000 deaths due to COVID-19 have been reported in California, as per the health department. 


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