California man confronts out-of-towner putting up swastika stickers

California man confronts out-of-towner putting up swastika stickers

Not in his city.

A vandal posting swastika stickers throughout a California neighborhood was caught on video by a man who confronted him for his racism.

Noah Mohan, 21, was walking his dog in Fairfax Tuesday when he saw a man posting stickers that featured a large black swastika and the phrase, “We are everywhere.”

“What’s up with those stickers, bro?” Mohan asks the man in the video, which was posted to Instagram.

“Let me see your stickers. Why you putting up them Nazi stickers, dude?

The man — dressed in a leather jacket, jeans, a black face mask and sunglasses — replies that he believes in that “ideology.”

Mohan follows the vandal, who police describe as a 19-year-old man from Livermore, and begins ripping off the stickers, the video shows.

“Let me see your face, bro,” Mohan says.

“If you stand by that ideology then stand by that s–t, bro. Don’t be putting up Nazi stickers in Fairfax. Not in my f—–g city, bro!”

The 10-minute video has since gone viral and has had more than 107,000 views as of Saturday.

Toward the end of the video, Mohan manages to flag down a police officer and begins telling him that the man had been posting the swastika stickers around the town.

“Personally, I will not let that s–t slide in my town and I hope you guys feel the same way,” Mohan wrote on Instagram.

“Racism is alive and growing in Marin county and we need to call it out and condemn it at all costs if we want this to be a safe and peaceful place for people of all skin color, religion, etc.”

Mohan, who is half Jewish and an amateur boxer, says he doesn’t see himself as a hero but as someone who was trying to do the right thing.

“If I had hit him, I would be the one in jail in cuffs,” he told ABC7 Los Angeles. “It’s just right and wrong. I am not a hero. Just doing what is right.”

Fairfax police have not released the man’s identity. Cops detained him but was later released.

The case was being referred to the Marin County District Attorney for possible hate crime and vandalism charges, according to ABC7.