Cal Cunningham apologizes, tries to jump-start embattled Senate campaign

Cal Cunningham apologizes, tries to jump-start embattled Senate campaign

On Wednesday, Cal Cunningham resurfaced in an attempt to restart his campaign for the North Carolina Senate. His previous attempts were tarnished after certain revelations that point out his involvement with the Army reservist in an extramarital ordeal.

Cunningham, who has been campaigning as an opponent to the GOP senator Thom Tillis, went underground after these revelations surfaced last Friday. Except for an apology issued by the senator accepting his mistakes, Cunningham’s campaign saw a massive cease of activities for a term of 5 days. This continued even as the woman confirmed their relationship with additional details revealed to the press.

This democrat first appeared at the virtual event held in North Carolina for the League of Conservation Voters. Here, he briefly mentioned this controversy. He added that he is deeply apologetic for hurting his close ones, and he also apologized to the audience.

In his 7 minutes long dialogue, he asked for forgiveness from the audience watching from home and promised that he would continue his work in the direction of betterment of the country while strengthening the state from its core. The campaign team recently restarted the Facebook ads that had been paused temporarily.