Building workers came to Asian woman’s aid after attack: management



The building workers criticized for doing nothing as they witnessed the brutal assault of an Asian woman this week in Midtown did eventually go outside — once her crazed attacker left the scene, new video shows.

The video, provided by the building’s management company Brodsky Organization to PIX11, shows the moments after a worker closed the door on the 65-year-old victim after she was knocked to the ground and repeatedly kicked by convicted murderer Brandon Elliot, 38. 

Once Elliot is gone, the workers finally open the door and go outside the safety of their West 43rd Street building, the clip shows.

A union rep for the doormen said that the doormen flagged down an NYPD cruiser. 

The NYPD said no 911 calls were made, but did confirm Thursday that “people in the building” flagged down cops on patrol.

security employees Asian attack
New video of the attack paints the building employees in a much better light.
The Brodsky Organization

The two lobby staffers who were initially suspended in the wake of the incident will remain so, “pending determination of whether all emergency protocols were sufficiently followed,” the building owner told PIX 11.

“Together with 32BJ union representation, management has also been investigating the response of the two lobby staffers present, who have been suspended pending the outcome,” the Brodsky Organization posted to Instagram Wednesday. “We take this situation very seriously, and are committed to strengthening internal training and working with our community to ensure the safety of our residents and neighbors.”

Brandon Elliot
Brandon Elliot has been caught and charged for his brutal beating of the elderly woman.

Elizabeth Kari, the daughter of the victim, Vilma Kari, wrote on a GoFundMe page that the initial security video “has been the most difficult thing to watch, apart from the crime itself.” 

“There were many times that I wish someone would have stepped in,” she said. 

However, another person standing across the street did yell and scream to get Elliot’s attention, she added. 

“That is where the [first] video cuts off as the attacker crossed the street to him,” she wrote. “To this person, I understand your decision in remaining anonymous during this time. I want to THANK YOU for stepping in and doing the right thing. This gesture of action is what we need in our world right now. I hope one day, my mom and I can thank you personally.”


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