Buffalo shooter Gregory Ulrich threatened mass shooting in 2018: cops


The gunman who opened fire inside a Minnesota health clinic, killing one and injuring four others, once threatened to carry out a mass shooting there, according to a police report.

Gregory Paul Ulrich targeted four Allina Health clinics, saying he wanted to do something “big and sensational so that it makes an impact,” the Star Tribune reported, citing the police report.

The Buffalo location — where Ulrich allegedly shot at five people on Tuesday — was first on Ulrich’s list.

In October 2018, the 67-year-old called his former doctor three times a day, threatening to carry out the mass shooting and blow things up, the outlet said.

The doctor told police at the time, “I believe Mr. Ulrich is a high threat to society and himself.”

Staff at Allina obtained restraining orders barring Ulrich from the property. He was charged with violating that order at the Buffalo location in November 2018 — but the case was dismissed last year after Ulrich was found mentally incompetent.

Gregory Paul Ulrich targeted four Allina Health clinics.

Ulrich allegedly had a vendetta against the doctors and nurses there because they refused to prescribe him painkillers.

Wright County Sheriff Sean Deringer said Ulrich was “no stranger” to authorities, who had been responding to 911 calls involving him since 2003.

After he violated the restraining order in 2018, a court official indicated that Ulrich had previously applied for but was denied a firearm permit. The official wrote that it was “highly recommended that [Ulrich] not be allowed to have use or possession of any dangerous weapons or firearms as a condition of his probation.”

Ulrich’s past convictions include for DWI, open bottle offenses and possession of illegal drugs, the Star Tribune said.

It’s unclear how he obtained the firearm used in Tuesday’s shooting, which left a nurse dead and four others injured.

Ulrich shooting Buffalo
Law enforcement officers from the ATF canvas the area outside the Allina Health Clinic after Ulrich shot five staff members.
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